Feb 2, 2006

Boston, NYC, & D.C.

Things have gotten considerably less delirous since the last time we talked. Our faith in reality has been restored and life has actually been pretty sweet the last few days.

From Philly we went to Boston to play at a cool little venue called Great Scott that we played at in November. We fully expected this to be the "calm" night of the tour, but that definitely did not happen. A bunch of old friends and family from Boston rolled into the show "crew deep" (i.e. in big bunches, like they have a posse, for those of you who don't rep the streets), creating a surprise crowd.

Even crayzier and awesomer is that this crowd was ready to DANCE. That's right: rythmic movement of the human body to the beat. And when we say ryhtmic movement, we mean like, pogoing and doing the robot and raising their fists in the air. It was so fucking rad. They even bribed us to play a one-song encore by buying us shots. Truly an awesome thing.

After the show we rolled back to Jeff's brother's spot for video games, beers, and MIT dorm room shenanigans.

The next day we had a show in New York at the Knitting Factory. There was a good crowd, very lively, and full of friends. About 20 people in the crowd were graduates of our alma matter, Hopkins High School, who now live in New York. Naturally, one of them bought 24 shots for everyone from HHS, we made a brief toast to District 270, and downed the booze. Things were good.

After the show, we partied hard with our homies from Frenchkiss at a few different bars in the Lower East Side. We all got really real on each other and expressed our love for each other till 4AM. Crashed at Syd's well-fed and clean.

The next morning we woke up in the mood to get tattoos. Actually, it was more premeditated than that. Alison, Matt, and Jeff all have designs to get the same tattoo featuring some images from the artwork of our new record to celebrate these times in our life. Matt and Jeff wanted to wait till the got back from tour so that the constant sweating and blood associated with playing rock shows didn't mess up the healing process of the tat (that's right, the "tat"), but Alison being a non-show-rocker was down for getting it done in NYC. So, that's what she did. Our old/new friend Myles was the artist and he did a great job. Thanks Myles!

Then we rolled down to The District (starring Craig T. Nelson), aka Washington D.C., to meet up with our tour mates for the next two weeks, The Hold Steady and Swearing at Motorists. The show was at the Black Cat and it was in the huge 800-capacity upper bar. We open the show every day for the next two weeks, which gives us the rest of the night to watch rock, crush brews, and bullshit with friends. Not a bad gig.

After the show we hung at our old friend Tom's house and learned about his grand plans to open a bar in Vancouver, a city he has never visited. We love it! TPC officially supports epic and grand plans fueled on passion and ambition.

Coming next update: tales of pornography theft in tobacco country.

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