May 23, 2006

The Calm Before the Storm

Tuesday night at Gabby's in Northeast. They have a sweet-ass patio right on the Mississippi that's so quintessentially Northeast -- bar food, meat raffles, bingo, a working-class Catholicism/Harley gang vibe.


Jawsdog shows us her brand new sunburn, courtesy of a long day of photo assisting someone who wanted to get some shots of lambs in rural Minnesota. Way to give up your body for the cause, J-Chizzle.


After dinner, we head to Jawsdog's for her famous haircuts. This is my hair.


The new cut, and a halo of hair. So hot right now.


On our way back to Shots Paul we stop at the studio, where art is happening, and some minor skateboarding action.


McTubbins is screen-printing the new Building Better Bombs 7" covers and E.T.C. is working on some crazy visuals for a rap video. Deuce Cities art and music scenes continue to get gay with each other. Isaac inspects the work.


Flash forward to Wednesday night, the night before we leave for our NYC road trip and the night of the season finale of Lost. Beak and Cam prepare "island" themed foods, which basically means there was mango involved.


Airplane booze bottles. Get it? It's like being in a crashed airplane. The themed drink for the night is Tequila and Tonic (just like anna lucia.)


The crew was huge, at least 12 peeps, all discussing plot twists, hidden messages, character preferences (everyone is down with Sayeed), etc.

btw check out that bookshelf in the background, doesn't it appear to be tilting a little bit?


Oh Shit! Right in the middle of some of the most tense parts of the episode when everyone is on edge, poor Beak's huge record shelf collapses under the weight of his thousands of records. Shitty.


The whole crew chips in to help safe the valuable sampling fodder. Poor Beak.


Dude has a lot of records.


After Lost, we head to Jawsdog's where a full-scale rager is taking place on her front porch, complete with this Clockwork Orange dude.


McTubbins can't handle it. Tomorrow we leave for NYC. Get your rest, little warrior. You're gonna need it.

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