Jul 28, 2006

So Sorry, It's been too Long.

Okay, So I've been out of the blog game for awhile. I'm gonna try and redeem myself by letting you all it on the shit that's been going on this summer. Let me start at the very beginning..

Sometime in June, my friend Building Better Bombs played a show at a bowling alley in Mpls. I said I'd take some press photos for them so this is what that is.


Building Better Bombs plays while floating over bowling lanes. We rage on a Monday night. Way to go us!p>


TPC is about to leave for tour, Isaac comes with me to Chicago to wish them well. Somehow we run into Joe, he's in Chicago looking for an apartment. We all rage, job well done.


Isaac becomes a crazy zombie.


Jeff can't believe how many cubby cans we've procured.


Beak gets caught with porn. Dude hasn't even been on the road one full day.

We bid farewell at Lincoln's Restaurant. Breakfast is delicious.


Our drive back to MPLS is uneventful. FYI you can see the reflection of our car in this truck, pretty sweet shit.


We run into a sun shower.


While Jeff is gone there is a lot of weed that is toked and a lot of guitar hero that is played. Here are quite a few examples.


We top off two straight weeks of guitar hero with a tournament. At this point we are all relatively on the same level. Tubbs, Ripplechip, and Finger Tapp make good competition for me.


The score board, looks like I'm in the lead.



Victory Me!

Julie gets creative with her locket.


It's close to the fourth of July, the Taste of Minnesota shoots off fireworks every night for an entire weekend!


During our guitar hero night I convince Nicole and J.V. to take a road trip with me. The next morning the three of us our off to meet up with TPC in Madison. This could easily be one of the most raging nights of the summer.


Call me Lighting ruled the shit.

Jordan gets real on the bass.



We get real in the hotel room. We are not looking so great.


Aaron does business.


Trust games ensue.


We don't use the door, we use the windows.


Two beds pushed together = 1 big bed!


Weird signs Madison style.


The last show at Gabes ever. Here we are.


Twin Cities Represent!


TPC plays an awesome set. No encore involving prosthetic legs this time.


FT (the shadow government) rule the shit out of Gabes!! These guys are uber awesome.


Jeff and I take some time to relax in 100º weather. It doesn't really work out for us so well. The saving grace is this hammock, it proves totally worth every penny.


Hammock back.


Our Campsite. Pretty awesome!


50's hosts a party in honor of his and Beaks Birthdays. Things that were involved were homemade slip n' slides which resulted in this war wound.


I rekindle a relationship with old friend and comrade Meghan E. McDonald.


Things get really real in this pool.


This is the highlight of the summer. TPC headlines a show at 1st Ave, and sell the fuck out of it. Props that were involved included this huge dragon. Totes awesome.


So many people. So awesome. Quite a few of our good friends missed out on this accomplishment. We were missing Nicole, Julie, Jaws, Ripplechip, Finger Tapp, Blestos, Big Time. WTF guys? Since you weren't I included quite a few photos. We missed you.





  1. Colezoz10:07 PM

    Way to get back in the game Friend!

  2. I hadn't seen the dragon... but I held part of its torso... all because Tubbs had to go and have a seizure or stroke or some ridiculousness.

  3. shane1:09 PM

    I was almost in that last picture. like, one person to the left.