Aug 28, 2006


Lawrence (aka Lawrence Fucking Kansas, aka LFK) is another midwest college town that is inexplicably awesome. We have lots of old friends here, and it will be mad bitching to see them tonight. That's right: mad bitching.


Murdered arachnid corpse remnants.


Midwest. Hardland/Heartland, literally.




The show is at the Jackpot Saloon, which, like most things worth seeing in Lawrence, is right on Massachusetts Street, the main strip. The bartender's name is Thad, and he is keeping the drinks flowing at a discount rate.


Before the show, Jordan buys a 64 ounce Diet Coke. Literally one half gallon of liquid. He takes it down like a man. This leads to a long conversation about whether or not you could physically drink a gallon of lifuid in an hour with out dying. Results are still inconclusive; further testing needed.


Our old friend Dan Davis is in town. Beak, Dan, and Jeff illustrate how having a lot of money makes you really cool.


The stage is surrounded by red velvet wall paper with crazy 1800's wild west patterns. Totes prohibition in this piece. Sweaty rock shows commence.


This has happened before but it happens again. Someone in the crowd buys TPC a round of shots and beers during the set if they agree to play "Let's War." They do so. Here, Matt explains why he doesn't fear the serpent.


Hopkins represent bitches. Our old friends Paul and Nick are in town for the night, carousing and raging.


The skies open up on us as we try to load out the van after the show. This turns into an intense military-style exercise where we have to work together to get the gear loaded with minimal moisture ragings.


Afterparty at Christine's. Beer in cans, rap music on the stereo. Completely different than every other night. Here, Chance is showing us his middle-school boxing championship trophies.


Modern communion. Jesus and the disciples got nothin on this.


Sean, aka Dogbert, shows up with an awesome umbrella, a Montreal shirt and some Coors Light.


The rain continues to pummel the virginal Lawrence landscapes, but we are protected and safe in this awesome porch.


Late night mind warp. Comparing the size of feet with the size of a chip. There are pretty different. In terms of size. Like, how big they are compared to one another.


This is what Axl was thinking about when he wrote "November Rain."Totes symbolic.


This rain is just getting brazen now. Come on. Just chill out with the water coming from the sky thing you got going on, mother nature. Shit is out of hand.


The first drunken dance party of the tour. We enlist a couple of the house's residents to join us in a rousing sesh of Jay-Z and Kelis.


Get that dirt of your shoulder, Lawrence.


50's illustrates his patened new "point at your friends" dance move.


The next morning, we drag ourselves out of bed early to hit the road to Texas (or Tejas, or Tehas). Kansas treats us to green rolling hills and a shit ton of clouds on our way out.


Midwest pride.

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