Jul 21, 2008

Born to Run

He's here! Finally.

Finn Davis Allen was born July 16th at 6:23pm. He was 20.5 inches long (potential NBA star) and weighed in at 7lbs 14oz. In this photo he is a) sleeping and b) being totally awesome -- two things he is prone to.

Chubby cheeks and a hip-hop hat. We're told that he was born on Cecil Otter from Doomfield's birthday, which means that his hip-hop creditentials were already well established before he began sporting this urban look. Now it's for real.


We got to take the little guy home for a few days, but then he had to go back to the hospital to get treatment for jaundice, which included major sun-tanning while wearing wrap-around shades and having a neon blue light sit on his back. He's taking well to the treatment and should be back home soon.

P.S. I've had a few beers and it is AWESOME! You can't truly appreciate a beer until you've been through 9 months of pregnancy and 18 hours of labor. The rest of you think you know about how good beer is, but you really don't.

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  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    whoo, congrats from a stalking dutch guy who is happy to see some posts on this blog again :)

    Cheers, urje