Aug 26, 2008

Babies, Dogs, Cabins, Tubes

Finn is a bad ass. Did you know this? If not, please direct your attention to this skull and cross bones on his butt. Even when he's getting held by his Grandpa Tom, he maintains his street credibility.

He's also famous, check out this blurb that was written about him in the Strib.


Jeff and I drive down to Decorah, IA for a day trip to visit his grandparents and show them our awesome baby. On the way down, we discover rows upon rows of empty chairs in Chatfield, MN, set up in anticipation for a parade that had yet to occur. The streets were totally empty of people, but somehow the local Chair Cooperative had kicked things into high gear to put together this stunning display of empty lawn furniture.


Southern Minnesota landscapisms.


Great-Grandma Freda and Great-Grandpa Ted. As usual, our awesome baby totally charms them.


Finn's guitar shoes.



Fast forward a few days. This is the night that Jeff celebrate getting an offer on our condo! It hasn't sold yet, but that doesn't stop us from drinking some beers at our place late into the night while the babe crashes out. Here, Jeff shows us how to juggle two of the world's most precious resources.

*It should be noted that we had almost sold our condo weeks before Finn was born, we had even found an awesome house to move into in MPLS but the sale on our apartment fell through and our hearts were shattered for a little while. We're crossing our fingers this time.


Here's Finn meeting my Mom's dogs. They forge an uneasy but earnest friendship.


This is Finn's reaction to the dog, his first smile caught on camera.


Speaking of Finn and dogs, here is our awesome baby that same night hanging out with Nicole's dogs. Royal is ridiculously sweet to Finn, nuzzling him all night and never leaving his side. Hilarious and heartwarming.

Up next, Radio Dog the crazy chihuahua shows Finn some love. This officially concludes the Baby With Dogs section of the blog.


Fast forward, now we're up at 50's parents cabin! You may remember this magical place from such blogs as this one.


Jeff prepares with the SPF 50 -- no burns will be allowed here. This is also one of the last recorded images of this shirt, as it later met it's maker in the depths of Cross Lake in a freak shirt-flying-off-boat accident.




Me and Danny Tanner, looking good. Did I mention that Finn was staying at Jeff's parents this night?


Daytime lake crews, totally basking in our tacky Midwestern recreationalism. Noodles and coozies.


Getting awesome.


More and more peeps arrive throughout the day, including MJ and Mindy seen here. Sunset pontoon rides.


Still can't believe I went 9 months without drinking a beer.


Jeff sparks it up.


LJ aka Liz Johnson poses with pontoon.

Across the lake from 50's parent's place this is gigantic house on the lake owned by none other than Twin Cities auto baron Denny Hecker, aka D-Hecks. This place seriously has like 100 boats on its docks.


Captain 50's mans the vessel. J-Rus, MJ and Marteen listen to Hall and Oates on the ship's bumpin' system.


Beak (did you notice he has a beard now?!?) opens up a bottle of bubbly while frightening onlookers cower in fear.



Much, much later.


The next morning. Coming off an evening of skinny dipping, hot tubbing, beer drinking, campfire having, friend communion, Beak awakes to find that someone has left him a fresh white robe in his room at the cabin. He takes advantage.


50's bakes us a ridiculous breakfast spread.


Jordan shows off his most recent inkage. Very nice, mang.


The crew heads out for some afternoon tubing. Nothing cures a hangover better than being thrown violently through the air and landing painfully in gasonline-saturated lake water.


Beak and Jeff have done a lot of things together, but this was the first time they've ever tubed the wild waters of Cross Lake.

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