Oct 31, 2008

Happy Hallo-springsteen-ween!

Finn's First Halloween! He decides to go as "Born in the U.S.A."-era Bruce Springsteen, replete with pre-scuffed jeans, t-shirt with no sleeves, red baseball cap in the back pocket, and a Fender Telecaster made of felt and twine. This whole amazing outfit was put together by his Uncle 50's and Auntie D-Tans before he was born as part of a "Baby Boss Kit."

This is already in the running to be our most proudest moment as parents ever. His graduation from high school or his wedding will be cool and all, but this is something special.


Shredding licks and breaking hearts.


The real Bruce doesn't typically look this perplexed.


The Boss Kit in its full unabashed glory, including message to Finn about how to become The Baby Boss.


I made this pumpkin. It is Bernie Mac. RIP. Happy Ghost Day, dawgz.


  1. Dude.
    That baby is sooooo boss.

  2. Adorable!

    Hey, it was good to see you and Jeff at the show.