Dec 17, 2008

Friend Feast 08'

Friend Feast 2008 Commences on an unusually warm December evening. This year the party has moved from Shots Paul to our new house in South Minneapolis, seen here. The glowing red paper bags were not included in the lease.


Finn's first Christmas calls for a horrendously embarrasing outfit that he will hate seeing pictures of later in life.


Jeff's sweet outfit this year has a picture of two kids looking out a window at a star and says "Just Believe." We're uncertain if this means believing in Santa or Jesus. Either way, drinking Sparks during the holiday season is a wise decision.


I am rocking a handknit sweater vest with red turtleneck, green earrings and green shoes.


Chicks love babies.


Uncle Beak teaches Finn some crazy things.


We have a chalkboard in our new kitchen. Did you know this? You should. Jeff uses it to make a Thingz 2 B Thankful 4 List.



Doogs rocks the hand-painted 2nd Grade sweatshirt steez while Rippy sports the 1950s abusive father angle.


Finn and his Auntie Cam bust dance moves prior to dinner.


Beak wins the Spirit Award, as well as Best Costume on a Rap Producer Award second year running!


Friend Feast commences. 50's Dad has created an insane smorgasboard of delicious treats and sumptious meats all cooked on hot hot heats (the temperatute, not the Canadian dance-pop band).


Meat and cheese plate formed like a Christmas tree from Beak and Cam. Other sundry awesomeness from various sources.


Before (note the Yule Log channel on TV). Comcast On Demand, yeah yah!

After. 22 people in our living room!


Jeff must crawl like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption to get seconds.


Backyard (aka The North Pole) Fires make the Johnsons jovial.


Mike Deuhs becomes Firemaster, and holds down the flame game.


For some reason, Mike Deuhs and JC decide that they should talk a lot about a fake radio station that they host the morning show for. Apparently their hosting duties involve a lot of knife comparisons.


Fire ash from MeBVamp.


3AM dirty snowmen, created by rolling up gradually larger snowballs using excess snow from the next-door vacant foreclosure property. Now THATs a Christmas tradition!




The crew that ended the night. Beak proves that its difficult to look hard and hood while wearing a holiday-themed see-through holiday flag, but it can be done. You just have to want it.

Friend Feast 2008. Seacrest Out.

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