Jan 7, 2009

Whatever happened to the Party Prime?

Jeff has been stock piling up on Sparks since Miller has decided to stop creating them because they do too good of a job of getting people drunk and awesome at the same time.


Allen Family Christmas at the Deuhs household. Finn is too tired and can't stay up for Santa times.


Finn get's a red hunting cap from his grandma and grandpa and an awesome snow globe, someday he will be our own little Holden Caulfield. Santa trades in his sleigh for a more modern red car.


Jeff falls asleep under the tree waiting for Santa, or something like that.


Finn get's an awesome new sweatshirt from his Mam.


We make christmas cookies.


Fast forward to New Year's Day, where a now-3-year-old tradition of Polar Bear jumping into Lake Minnetonka continues. This year the crew has grown to include Blestos and Doogie and 50's Dad and The Attack and a bunch of Mike Deuhs' crazy friends. Here the crew waitsin line and pretends not to be scared to death of jumping into near-freezing lake water.

**Also it should be noted that on New Year's Eve we had a party, when the clock hit midnight we tried dancing to Jay-Z and we didn't know what to do. Is it over?


Jeff and my Uncle John (the Godfather of this whole crazy tradition) end up being joined at this last minute by some weird lady who doesn't have a jumping partner. How awkward.


Don't worry, those aren't electric cattle prods those guys are holding. Just poles to help you if you need them.


Mike Deuhs tries to showboat on his way up to the starting line and ends up slipping and falling in as hundreds of onlookers groan. Rippy, his jumping life partner, looks on in shame, while Blestos screams scornful hatred.


Victory party!


Blestos and Doogie get all Michael Phelps up in here.


Post jump endorphins.


The Attack and 50's: now partners for life.


Mike Deuhs' crazy friends.


  1. The demise of the party prime is proving to be true my friend. I find that it is due to the following facts:

    1. No more Sparks.
    2. Our pitiful attempt on NYE to brush dirt of our shoulders. I am glad that there is no documentation of this.
    3. I erased Ashlee Simpson from my iPod.

  2. Oh an we're both gonna have babies now. That knocks us both out of the party prime spectrum.

  3. 4. Babies are party killers

  4. waffallen7:49 AM

    The price of mediocrity is your soul.

    Fact: babies like to party.