Mar 22, 2009

Springtime Agendas

Okay this is what I have to tell you about. FYI I have been doing lots of hanging out lately. Mom's don't have to be lame you know, sometimes they don't have enough time to take photos of what they are doing and post it on a blog, that's all. Last night for example I hung out till 4am with 50's, Jordan and the Roonz and then got up at 7 to take care of my babe and then go to a full 8 hours of work on a Sunday, and you know what... It was worth it. What would piss me off more? Hanging out with my good friends, OR going to bed early and getting a good nights sleep. Answer: going to bed early. Life has actually been awesome since Finn started hanging out, things are crazy, Jeff and I work opposite schedules, but we get by and we still make time for beers on the porch, friends and record listening.  The most awesome Finn effect is that our friends have become Aunts and Uncles and in turn we all depend on each other in an awesome sort of family style way. 

Anyways... I Just thought I should let you know.

This coming spring into summer we will be participating in at least one awesome adventure per month and I thought that this might be a good opportunity to get back up on the blogging wagon. So here goes the itinerary:

April: Spring Road Trip! The Hold Steady (THS) in Iowa Fucking City (IFC) followed by a delicious breakfast at The Hamburg Inn, those attending include me, Waff, 50's, and Isaac (Cassi/Iceberg)

May: The Boss aka Bruce Springsteen. We will be in the pit for sure. "Rosalita, come out tonight!"

June: Weekend road trips to hang out with Chicago peeps and go see an afternoon Twins game at Wrigley Field.

July: Finn's first birthday, combined with 50's and Beak's birthdays equals awesome river tubing adventures.

August: Weekend cabin getaways with Denny Hecker @ Cross Lake.

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