Mar 21, 2006

L.A. to Seattle

My First Breakfast of the trip, it was not very good at all.


Venice Beach - the first time I saw a surfer, as they say: "totes radicool dawg."


Seaweed Monster, Gross.


Venice Beach.


Who thought of tagging trees? It's genius.


A few of the following pictures are taken from an awesome drive between L.A. and San Francisco. There was lots of awesome crazy shit to look at, for instance, this field of cows that went on forever, seriously there were like a billion cows.


California loves wind power! These wind mills were all over the place, it totally looked like a scene from the future.


Driving into San Francisco. This is the only bridge I have ever been on that had it's own tunnel

We ate dinner at this place called "taqueria cancun", it was awesome, I had the Super Mega Burrito, which was huge and came on a plate.


On the way to the venue I saw this drawing, I think it means "don't park here or we'll stick the dog on you!"


On our way to the Red Wood Forest, Beak stopped to send a message to his lady. Way to score mad points Beak!

Continued... Red Wood Forest


We decided to drive half way to Portland, which was approximately Eureka Ca, on the way we took muscle relaxors and drank wine, this combination will seriously fuck you up, use with caution. This is a picture of a vineyard, we couldn't figure out how they make those rows so perfectly.


This was totally awesome, Jordan woke us up to let us know about this tree you could drive through. I think our minds were seriously blown away. This tree was huge.


This is a photo that I pieced together of the tree that you could drive through. Holy Shit.


This duck was hanging out near the tree, and wanted to kill Matt. Fucking crazy bird.


We left our mark.


We found the ocean - it was intense to say the least.


Pacific Ocean Wins!


Check out that semi compared to the tree on the left, WTF?


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