Apr 1, 2006

We're Bloggin'

So I thought that maybe I should tell you about these people you'll be seeing in a lot of the photos. This is McTubbins and Jeff, Jeff is my husband and Aaron is a good friend. Friday night we had dinner at the Triple Rock.


After dinner we went back to McTubbins house. McTubbins showed Jeff the solid wood monkey he had bought for $12


This is Nicole.


Here's some crazy ass shit that McTubbins gets into


People start coming over, here's Isaac.


50's try's to throw up a blog sign. It's close.


Jocelyn in red.


Let me introduce my blog nemesis - Brian on the right aka Blestos - we're blog warriors, but to be fair and to extend an olive branch, you can check out his blog here. Also, meet Lindsey, she's on the left.


Next stop a place call the Hexagon, every 2nd Wednesday of every 4th month you can totally get 5 for 1's and see an awesome band called Vagina Pussy. Tonight we are seeing STNNNG, FYI the hand stamps were weird.


50's dad, along with Danielle, sometimes known as 60's mom.


Jeff Allen mixes Gin and Whiskey, crazy asshole.


Isaac is staying in touch with technology.


Of course the band.


Julie's on the right, I'm on the Left.


Red Friends. Brenda's on the right.


Brian and his blogging machine.


Now we go to Brian's for the first porch party of the season. The party is short lived.


A Race to get shots before bar close.


This is Ripplechip.


Jeff and I are experiencing hangovers and try to find breakfast. First we got to Mickey's Diner right near our house, but it's packed. So we head to the weird Mickey's that we've never been to on West 7th. It turns out to be weird in a good way so we stay.


Christmas decorations in April.


Jocelyn gives hair cuts. Danielle goes first.


Cool weird stuff on Jocelyn's porch. Danielle made Mango Puree Mimosa's.


This is my new hair cut, Jocelyn explained it me as a side ways bowl cut that looks cool. Jeff and I go on our first date in a long time.


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