Apr 20, 2006

420 and other parties

A grey-skied Monday in Northeast Mpls. We are at Mayslack's for food and brews. McTubbins makes Jeff an honorary Chester Flyer, if only for one night. Why does McTubbins still have his high school letter jacket? Good question.


Dark and ominous storm clouds approach, a bad omen for the Mayslack's patio.


I borrows a pancho to brave the impending downpour, my new fishing boat parked in the background. Also, why does McTubbins drive around with a spare pancho.


The rain totally fucks us over, forcing Blestos to enjoy his tacos inside. Boo.


Fastforward a few hours and shit quickly got out of hand. When you end the night wearing a 1999 high school letter jacket, a neon-yellow trucker hat, and drinking a giant beer you are either an ironic post-modern hipster or a raging asshole. Those categories are not mutually exclusive.


Blestos and Big Time Fuller cement this porch party as "totally real." BTF freaks out about something, reasons unknown.


In retaliation, Blestos totally loses his shit on Big Time Fuller and almost takes her to the mat with some wicked moves he learned watching WWF as a youngster in suburban Fargo. A beer in one hand, his girlfriend's ass in the other, it's safe to say that things are looking good for this asshole.


Party host McTubbins.


5ives and Danielle are totally analog. This is what they considered an ipod like 30 years ago, weird.


Next night. 4/20 dudes. The night starts uneventfully for me, as I am working. JC and I are bored so we make these calculators say funny shit, a la 3rd grade math class. The second one says "Go to hell" - FYI.


Pescara burger crust or deep dish? JC gives his approval to both.


reen Mill kitchen. So real, so many ways.


The highest area code on the planet, dudes.


McTubbins shows up so stoned that his eye turned into a bike light. Humboldt county, bros.


Jawsdog shows up so stoned that she drinks a gin and tonic. BC Buds, man.


Jeff forcefeeds me whiskey. Why? What a way to end the night. Maui Wowee, bras.


Fast forward to Saturday night, TPC show at the Triple Rock. Jawsdog and Brenda are secretive, bashful drunks.


Rage and fear, perfect bedfellows.


50's and Jeff are Danish schoolboys. Whiskey makes them play better rock shows, so they load up beforehand.


Jawsdog and Brenda kindly point out the long-haired, hockey jersey-wearing tall dude in front of them. Thanks for the heads up, friends!


Snapshots provided by Jaws. A girl's blogging work is never over.


Mike Deuhs, aka Money Diamonds is a tired drunk. His hat is sometimes mistaken for Eddie Vedder's shirt circa '92.


TPC play a show, McTubbins' hand guides the crowd to the rhythm.


So is this guy looking to play with a band? Or is this a band looking for a drummer? Specifics are needed.


Building Better Bombs (B cubed) also play this night. Stef and Isaac are pissed off.


B cubed play so hard that they cross-dimensions.


TPC have a similar cross-dimensional problem.


Snapshots. Backstage VIP parties. Cam and Cindy put on their "sassy faces" and regale us with stories of how they "don't take shit from no one...mm-mm...no way."


The Triple Rock after the show.


After party with show poster artists KHS Collective. Brenda is either winking or has a facial tick.


Calm discussions over cans of warm beer. Hands folded, communist hat upon his head, Christian is prepared for a long-term discussion of Soviet Bloc history.


Jeff and I seriously get into Lost. Totally intense and scary. We have just finished the first season and have currently started downloading the second season to watch on our computer. BTW watch out for the Others.


Tuesday night at Luce's, Jeff makes the most fucked-up eating face ever made in the history of fucked-up eating faces.

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