Apr 16, 2006

Resurrection Blog

Let me start at the very beginning... Tuesday night, Jeff made Ramen for dinner, this was the highlight of the mid-week. Seriously, nothing else happened.


Matt turns gay and decides to get his legs waxed.


Okay now skip forward because I didn't take any other photos for a few days. Friday night, it's 75º and we are seriously going to get into it. First we pick up McFlubbins.


Unbeknownst to most, Fifties is actually some kind of sick ass serial killer with weird fucked up taste. Exhibit A - Vag Cake. Yes.

It's kind of fucked up. But then you notice that he took great care to sculpt pubes out of a delicious sugary confection and all is forgiven. Such skill and artistry.


Mad Alchohol Alignment. Yes.

Summer time keg parties are awesome, especially when you augment them with Sparks. First outdoor kegger of the season.


50's got a fire pit for his backyard from Menards, totally worth it.


Cam Drops back for some epic hot dropping, starts talking about "smokey treats," drinks keg beer. News at 11.


Jaws in Swing: Jawzdawg gets hyphey to recieve mixed results.
Exibit B - Mad Sex Harness

A regular Mary Lou Fucking Retton, huh?


5ives and Danielle are totally analog. This is what they considered an ipod like 30 years ago, weird.


Adam arrives with a new haircut from Great Clips and an embroidered Golden Gophers Hockey Sweatshirt. He is almost mistaken for a lost fraternity pledge.


Danielle looks like Rosie the Riveter, Laurie Kyle has an Irish accent, and 50's is perplexed by the whole equation. Apparently this shit is 'the jam'.


Honestly, I have no idea what is going on here. Big Head Contest, maybe or just plain old cheek friendships.


Lukekyle arrives, in the midst of a "cleansing." Health related, not ethnic.


Jeff goes in for the "Blowjob of the Century"!!!!! Mctubbins is into some kinky shit though, so he's into it.


This is either an offering to the party gods or a mass salute to Blestoze for having the most glorious pectorals to grace the earth.


A little buttsex, perhaps?


Cam, cigarette inspector. Yo, there any weed in there?


Lukekyle sets himself up for some Triple Sowkow Lutzhemoglobin gymnast shit. He's training for '08 summer olympics in Belfast.


Tree climbing truly is the dance party of 2006, the awkwardly drunk physical activity you pursue with your friends. You know that you're really not talented enough to try it sober, but ambitious enough to succeed after a few gins.


A soft landing after a hard fall.


The really hard part is figuring out what you're gonna do when you get to the top and all your friends are looking at you from the ground. Pump your fist? Yell? Smoke a spliff? They all seem anti-climactic. McTubbins decided to go for the open-mouthed "crazy face," fairly popular these days. McTubbins has been rumored to say "It's better than sex, trust me."

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