May 13, 2006

Graduated Cylinders of Beer

Congratulations to J-Chase (aka Jawsdog) on graduating from college! To celebrate, we buy her a balloon that says "Reach for the Stars." On the right, Colezone's gives us a hint of the rageful graduation party kegger that follows shortly thereafter. BTW check out her holster of PBR tallboys. Noice.


Pre-kegger dinner at the Bulldog. Between the gradually warming weather, the delicious beers, the comraderie, and the fact that our friend J-Chizzle graduated earlier in the day, this night is shaping up to be epic and powerful.


Graduation pre-party, J-Chizzle retreats to the porch while her mom (visiting from Dixon, Illinois) sets up veggie trays in the other room.


Colezones is a stoic nature observer, calmly awaiting the impending keg rage.


McTubbins and a dad of one of the kids who graduated. The intermingling of twenty-somethings, their friends, and their parents in social situations can be interesting. You've reached that age where you're all like "Fuck it, I don't care if my friend's Dad knows that I like to get wasted."


The Chase clan.


Cam and Beak arrive, gin drinks in hand. The party vibe is starting to gain momentum. More people arriving, the volume on the I-Pod gradually inching higher.


Beak shows us his new Doomtree credit card. It's official, rappers make more money than dumb rock bands.


McTubbins shows us a t-shirt that explains what he'll be doing with the rest of his summer


Me. At my finest. Gin and Juice, just like the rappers say.


McTubbins wears an 80's-era Bill Cosby sweater with smug confidence.


Hanging out at crowded keg parties requires very little in the way of physical activity. Usually its just a lot of people standing in a semblance of a circle, occasionally lifting their beers from their hand to their mouth and back down again. But somehow you always feel like you ran a marathon or did ab-crunches for 10 hours the next morning.


dam arrives, crazy fucked-up hat in tow.


Willonius, aka Tall Bikes, is visiting from Iowa City and falls asleep briefly as the party rages around him. Party foul.


Julie freaks out. Peter does not.


Snapshots 1. Colezones has clearly made the best decision of the evening by going with PBR Tallboys. Everyone else is jealous.


Snapshots 2. Cam and I pose and take photos of each other in a stair way. Luke and Beak reconnect.


The night ends with The Gamut, two-man noise duo, playing upstairs. This is an interesting trend, noise bands playing at house parties full of drunk people. I may be out of the loop, but do punk bands still do this?

The next day we go the Bandbox for lunch. Adam is working and wearing a shift with the Tommy Hilfiger logo that says "Bosnia Peacekeeping Mission." Yes.


Turkey sandwich with american fries.


Tuesday night I didn't have my normal blogging machine with me, and my smaller one didn't have any batteries in it. But I did manage to get this one photo of us down at the river in St. Paul with Brent and Nicole.

Wednesday night TV night at Beak and Cam's. On the plate: NBA basketball and the new episode of Lost, which it seems like everyone in the Deuce Cities got addicted to at the same time. Well, at least the people that I know.


Cam reps her Chicago hood hard.


50's Dad is very intrigued by Sayeed and Jack's plot. Beers help lubricate the intrigue.


Seriously look at the size of this TV. Plasma, dudes.


50's and Cam kneel at the altar. Eventually 50's crosses a line when he blows Claire a kiss and accidentally touches the TV. Cam tells him "don't get your greasy fingers on that screen."


Beak and Jeff hold hands, enraptured by the Mavs-Spurs game.


Jeff implores Dallas to call a timeout.


50's and me.


After the game, we head over to Jawsdog's porch to meet up for a night cap.


McTubbins has a few things to tell you about cheese. Especially cheese left over from the graduation party. Do you have a problem with that? Let's hope not, for your sake.

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