May 10, 2006

St. Paul & MPLS

It's at this point in the blog that the needle fly's off the record.. Ereeh. St. Paul photos, WTF?


Jeff and I decide to walk down to the river and hang out. To our surprise our normal hanging area was covered in water.
Rain + River = No where to sit and drink beers.


Snapshots: Jeff investigates water levels.


The Robert Street bridge is awesome. I'm knighting it one of the coolest bridges in the deucecities.


This photo is for Jeff and his overwhelming love of transportation, especially trains. St. Paul has vast forms of transportation including it's own airport. Beat that Minneapolis.


The water rises...


Barges are pretty awesome too. This picture reminds me of the houseboat trip that Jeff, Nicole, Ripplechip and myself are going to take down the river. We're gonna have to steer clear of these huge vessels for sure.


We find a place to drink our leftover beers. Sitting by the river is one of the best things this lonely city has to offer.


These are old loading docks. They look pretty fucking sweet. I can only assume that high school photo class kids love taking pictures of this shit.


This is where Tsunami and Whittier go to the vet.


This is our house, not the firestone but the building behind it. We like to call it the mossimo building.


Wednesday is a killer, we all decide that we feel like bank tellers, too much working 9-5, eating and sleeping. We decide to fight back and end up at the bulldog eating quesadillas and drinking cold PBR's.


Bring Sunglasses.


Jeff lays out the plan for the evening. First we pay the tab, then we buy a bottle of wine and some beer, then we go to the woods near hidden beach and hang out.


I coordinate with a green sweatshirt and a matching trucker hat thanks to ripplechip. The shades are courtesy of Colez.


Jeff almost gets killed by a falling tree branch he darts out of the way and is able to save the beers. A true hero.


We run into a formation of rocks and some weird chant scripture penned by birdgirl. This is obviously the spot we should hang out at.


Jeff claims birdgirl's rock.


Nicole puts on her cape and gets ready for the seance.


Weird shit happens at this MPLS version of stonehenge. Ripplechip begins to leave trails.


The crew.

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