Dec 3, 2006

These are the rocks that I got

Okay my friends, I've been totally slacking on the blog. My deepest apologies. I'm gonna make it up to you in the next blog though, I swear. There are some special things planned for my upcoming 25th birthday, including a major friend feast. So let's rewind for a second and I'll get you up to speed on what's been happening in the 612.

First of all, about two weeks ago there was a cat in a tree somewhere in South Minneapolis. News at 11. Poor guy.


The latest and greatest edition of Hardland/Heartland. This one is at The Church, a crazy huge old church that is now host to shows and art installations and drunk friends, like us. Crazy portal animations (courtesy of McTubbins) are accompanied by epic battles by some neon dudes and gatekeepers or some shit. Very interesting. We bring an artillery of beer in our bags and proceed to get into it.


After the art happens, dance parties happen.


McTubbins dancing party/sweater friend. These guys give each other pointers on one-of-a-kind dance moves as well as fashion advice.


After the Church ragings, we head to Nicole's for gin shots and sleepovers. This is a taste of what is to come. Next edition, Holiday Friend Feast hosted by yours truly.


Friends that share are friends that care. I am a crying member of the Crypts gang.

The next morning I head out with Iceberg and MeBVamp to a lunch show and potluck for Signal to Trust and STNNNG's new records at the 7th Street Entry. This is amazing. I eat a sloppy joe and a sandwich and I consider a quesadilla but decide on the green bean caserole instead. Shellac plays a secret set to start off the show, very awesome.


It's Isaac's Birthday. We go to Mickey's after the show for birthday shakes! The shakes are so good that these guys grow moustaches.


Later that night its off to Northeast for further celebration of Isaac and Neil's birthdays. The Yacht Club is the scene. A smattering of 50-year old working class regulars and us annoying drunk youths. Generational clashes. Isaac is again wearing his awesome Fluer-De-Lis sweatshirt. 50's holds down the scarf contingency. Tubs holds down the hexagon glasses demographic.


Thanksgiving day card parties at my parents place. Pinochle is a game of champions.


Okay so this is a pretty weak attempt at a blog, I left my camera at my folks house when I visited for thanksgiving and haven't gotten it back til now. Things that were not blogged about include: a game of dice with McTubbins parents (visiting from Madison, South Dakota), a Guitar Hero party at Isaac and Meghan's, and a Doomtree Blowout at the Mainroom that included rap, rappers, beats, baggy shirts, backwards caps and rhthym and poetry.

Thank god for Lazerbeak.

Like I said earlier, it's my birthday tomorrow, then I'm gonna head down to Iowa Fucking City (IFC) for the Hold Steady (THS) show at the Picador, from there it's straight back to my house for a momentous evening of food, beer, friends and Cosby Christmas sweaters. I'll make up for the absence, I swear. It will be worth the wait.

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