Nov 15, 2006

Cats and Guitars

Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for the ordinary blog viewer, Guitar Hero II came out last Tuesday. This makes for awesome video game parties but not a lot of crazy action for blogs. There is only so much excitement you can get of images of people standing, holding fake guitars, and looking with great focus at a TV screen. But man is it fun! Here, my band Jazz Nugs gets a 100% perfect score on Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil" on the first try no less.


Holy shit, dudes. When you beat the last level, a giant UFO descends upon Stonehenge (where you're performing for thousands of druids, naturally) and takes you to outer space. Cause, like, that's how good you are at fake video game guitar. Too good for this planet. Who rules?.., I do, at Guitar Hero!


The crew comes over for a full-scale celebration of the new game and a session of Lost. This picture is awesome because of Doogie and Blestos' expressions, as well as the fact that Nami the Cat is totally just chilling behind Blestos' head, checking shit out. She will make many more apperances in this blog edition.


Ripplechip shows us how to blow smoke rings. Nice work, dude.


Multi-player madness. Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name Of."


Mustaches are always funny.


Even when used in terrorist-like contexts. This is the best photo ever taken of me.


Nami, the party cat, returns.


The next day. Here she is trying to communicate to me and Jeff from up in the loft storage area.


We move the bed to the living room and play Guitar Hero. A lot. Here you can see Nami again, the cross-eyed top of her head peeking into frame. Crazy cat.


Jesus, more Guitar Hero. The party moves over to Coles spot on Saturday and the fake video game guitars come with. Colezones tries to connect with her inner rock demons by summoning the dark lords of headgear.


Dudes take this shit seriously. Ripplechip's new French Canadian Fur Trader look is intimidating to Waff, who deals with his fear by drinking beers.


Fast forward to Wednesday night, the second edition of Record Club! Some peeps come over to our place for this round. The rules: everyone must bring one record that they bought in the last few weeks and play it for us while we sit around and drink. Iceberg shows Tubs his "Why Are You Laugh" LP.


Clap Your Hands Say Record Club.


Blestos (stoned? probably) gets totally engrossed in our photography books. Studying up for how to use his Jerome Grant monies, perhaps.


Records listened to: The Faces, The Police, Randy Newman, Television (did anyone else know these guys were good?), DMX ("Its Dark and Hell is Hot," thanks to McTubbins), and some crazy jazz records I can't remember. Lucy the dog likes all of it.

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  1. What was the DMX quote that McTubbins always quotes?