Aug 23, 2007

Iowa City Rage-a-thon and other assorted things.

I have a sleepover at Coles and she introduces me to Tube Shots. Basically, it's like a small plastic science beaker tube filled with crazy mulit-colored booze shots. They taste horrible, but their novelty carries them to success.


Royal is in the house.


TPC has been in the studio making a new record the past few weeks. Here, 50's illustrates his percussion genius.


It takes real soul to feel these rhythms.


Jeff takes all of this really seriously


Roxy is Joe Mabbott's new studio dog. Likes: cardboard and playing games. Dislikes: not playing games.


This past weekend, TPC and some of the crew head down to Iowa City for the one-year anniversary of The Picador. You may remember that TPC also played its grand opening a year ago. Here, we kick it in the beer garden behind the club.


In this beer garden: nice new wooden benches, Christmas lights in the tree canopy, painted stencil murals on walls and lots of good old friends. Jacki Becker, you did it right.


TPC takes the stage


The show is so incredibly loud. Maybe the loudest ever. Not just at the Picador either, seriously the loudest on earth.


Bill Adams IS an amazing photographer. This is an inside joke that only we understand.


Tornavalanche is Tornavaleawesome!


Will Whitmore headlines - the place is packed sweaty and smokey. The crowd loves their hometown hero.


Everyone's favorite rice farmer, Pete Biasi (aka Bias-Dawg) is on the bass for this "sesh."


Iowa Incredible


During Will's set I get grinded-up-on to some banjo tunes. Totally not my thing. I find solice from the sweaty crowds with my #1 duns.



Right now there is so much love in this room.


Holy shit! Crowd surfing? To a guy playing a banjo? Pete takes it there. This shit turned into a Pearl Jam show circa '91 for a minute.


The Picador now has a new photobooth, I break it in.


Aaron and I take a trip to the Kum & Go to supply the party crew with 60 Old Style's and 5 Sparks.


Elevated picture taking. It was the only way it could happen.


50's helps me off the van.


Fast forward, post-party rage-a-thon continues. We are in a backyard somewhere in Iowa City. Joel and Bob hang out.


Joel and Fresh hang out.


The party glasses become key to the blog once again. Ian takes the reins this time.


It becomes really real to me that Ian looks like Jeff's brother and together they look like real brothers. Family photos ensue.


Pete and I trade accessories.



Molly looks good in her sunglasses too.


Molly falls and skins her knee. Total Party foul.


Hey everyone the life of the party is here, and he needs you attention stat.


Group photos. Jeff, Jackie, ?, Molly, 50's, Bias-Dawg, and Beak.


We forget to leave the rage-a-thon with the people we should be staying with so we have to find a hotel. As luck has it we stay at the Heartland Inn. Only in Iowa City.


It doesn't take long for the group blow jobs to begin.




Early morning prayer sessions.


We take a pit stop for breakfast at the Hamburg Inn, my favorite spot south of the border, the Minnesota border that is. I do the egg's benedict.


Jeff has a veggie burger with salsa, beak has some sort of fried porkchop sandwich thing, and 50's tops his first hotel breakfast off by having a second breakfast sandwich. We also shared pie shakes, pecan and apple pie styles.


Universal shoe on the wire languages.


Jeff celebrates his breakfast by getting a shirt in Hawkeye colors.


Never seen anything like this before.


Monday night our friend Doug takes us to see the twins play - the twins get destroyed and the game is not so fun.


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