Aug 3, 2007

I Got Blogged

Alright so since Jeff and I got back from our Europe adventure a month ago, I really haven't been taking many pictures. Just been enjoying our summer and letting the high-stress demands of blogging fall by the wayside. As such, I don't have any pictures from a lot of awesome shit that happened in the last few weeks.

Luckily for me, Craig Finn came through town last week and demanded that WE use his camera to blog up a backyard party that we were hanging out at. What follows is the photographic proof.


Summer champagne rage.


Craig and his girl Angie. Angie has hands-down one of the best laughs in the history of laughs. It sounds like a machine gun, totally impressive, wish I had one etc. etc.


Beak and Jeff continue to "rep" whatever it is they are always "repping."

Angie knows a secret and she's not telling. Jeff wants to know what it's about and is gonna cry until she tells him.


If Craig ran his own blog he'd totally only shoot in black and white. You know, cause like, that's more pensive and emotional or some shit. Here Steve Dude talks about potato wrestling.


This dude is so into Polo that it's not just a shirt, it's a lifestyle.


Party Host, Andrea and...


Nick. They blessed the party with tropical summer watermelon martinis.


Now it's time for the usual "put your sunglasses on everyone at the party" portion of the evening. (Craig's idea not mine, he is afterall the guest blogger of honor.)











Steve wins, you're looking good dude.


Also, check out these sweet songs that 50's, Jeff and I made for Lazerbeak on his 25th birthday (July 21)! We are calling ourselves the Aaron Mader Tribute band.

Here are the Jams.

Birthday Song

Beak and Cam

Funeral Durge

Things Beak Like

I'm back on the blogging wagon, expect more to come soon. Thanks again to CF for the encouragment.
Also, for those who are interested, I posted the last three days of our European adventure you can check it out here 06.25.07

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  1. Great pictures! It was fun to meet you and I feel so honored to have made the blog.