Jun 25, 2007

UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Home

Alright, this blog will be a short and sweet recap of our last two days in the UK/Ireland. Sick and tired of London we take a train from the city to the western coast of Britan.





I can't get enough of those sheep!


The train has electrical outlets, perfect for charging the computer.




We get off the train and hop a ferry back to dublin. Irish ferries are super posh circa 1970's styles.



We float and drink brews.











We get back to Ireland and promptly belly up to the mexican margarita bar.





Our last day. We take a trip up to Belfast and the northern coast of Ireland to see the sites.


More sheep.








The Antrim Coast


















Giants Causeway, complete with crazy hexagon rocks. This is the only reason I came all this way.



So awesome, so many ways.
















Jeff works up a sweat from running around rocks.



Drinking competitions.



Irish castles.



Trainrides home.




Leaving on a jet plane. Jeff sleeps.







Home sweet home, MPLS!



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