Oct 22, 2007

Belated Birthday Blog

So Jeff is turning 26, which is like crazy old, so we throw him a rager at our house to celebrate. I make this sweet cake that lets him know that his best days are obviously behind him.


Pre-party, getting amped with Nami.


Mike Deuhs, my brother and (according to all women) the hottest dude ever, shows up early to get things started.


Beak has brought Jeff some Walgreen's cigars which are accompanied by some 12 year old Glenlivet scotch. When midnight strikes they begin celebrating the occasion. Waff smokes himself a nice bushy grey mustache.


Danny Tanner and Jaws Dawg are in the house.




Ninja cakes.


Jeff's mom made a huge spread of crazy snacks for people.


The two best cards. The cat on the right is doing milk shots.


So, this is hard to explain but I'll try. Cam is wasted, this should be obvious. At some point, people started taking photos of her which greatly angered her for some reason. In a flash of drunken brilliance, she stormed into the bathroom and decided to write "fuck off" on her face, believing that this would force people to stop taking photos of her. That's weird enough on its own, but she managed to write it backwards because she was applying the sharpie ink in a mirror. Those of us in attendance could truly not believe what we were experiencing. This really happened. Greatest Cam moment in the history of all time, officially.


Here she is, pissed that people are laughing at her. Phenomenal!


Cakes and cigs and pipe accidents.


In case you were wondering it is possible to shot-gun keg beer. Our version is to just drink it really fast from a straw.


McTubbins shows up! Better late than never, buddy. Your face is crazed, though.



Mike Deuhs and Cam are too far ahead of everyone else in partying, if you know what I mean.


50's and Ripplechip discuss world politics.


Caylie made this really crazy cake that's sposed to look like Jeff, but it doesn't really. That's okay though. What it lacks in perfection it makes up for in heart.


It is at this point in the night that everyone decides that doing shots of 12-year old scotch is a really good idea. What a colossal waste of money, but it was awesome.


J-Russius is getting real.


A second round? Even smarter than the first time you thought of it.




Crystal (aka CQ aka QC aka Quality Control aka North Metro) washes down the scotch.


MJ (aka Matt Johnson) is in the house.


My brother is out. He gets sunglassed.


Yep, absolutely.


Sure, man.


Party coordination is hard. Should I smoke or drink? How about both at the same time.


Iceberg, no doubt.


MegDog samples the fine tastings of a flask. These guys will be spending their anniversary with Jeff on his birthday year after year.


Caylie and J.C. try to comprehend what is happening around them.


Beak and Adam have already given up on ever understanding anything.



So Gay So many ways.


Colezones is a member of the Fantastic Four tonight.


Fast forward to the next morning, about 7 or 10 people sleepover on our floor. We try to give them air mattresses to combat the hardness of our concrete floors but they lose air throughout the night. Adam compares his sleeping experience to being gassed in a concentration camp during WWII Germany.

Just for the record there was some things that happened during Nicole's super-hero picture and this picture of our lair.Here is a list of things that may or may not have happened.
Gin Shots
Secret puking sessions
Crazed running around in the rain
Pizza parties
50's new nickname "pizza leg"
Group sleepover which included watching "the office" while fading out.


50's is not ready yet.


Neither am I.


But hey, look at this asshole. Rise and shine, ready to face the day!


  1. Looks totes awes! Sorry we couldn't make it (however, had we been there, Jenn would have fallen asleep at 9:30 anyways, so...)

    On an unrelated note, did you know Beyonce does all of her shopping online?

  2. aw, has it really been a year already? i wish we could've been there for this birthday party! maybe next year.

  3. birthday madness