Jan 2, 2008


So...yep. It's true.

Jeff and I found out about two months ago that we're having a little kid in July.

Totes mindblowing, dudes! That's the little guy or gal up there, the little grey blob bean pea pod thing that the ultrasound technician was kind enough to label "baby" for us. Although unexpected, we've gotten used to the idea and are pretty amped to welcome the crazy thing into the world.

So, obviously a lot has changed in the last two months (i.e. no beers), but I've still been trying to hang out at all the parties. And I've got some sweet photos from all the crazy happenings, I just haven't had the energy to put 'em on the internets yet. My life currently consists of lots and lots of sleeping.

According to the books I should be having some more energy in the next few weeks and I'll put up all the photos of the sweet shit that's been going down. In the meantime, send me some baby name suggestions. We're toying with the idea of Jesus Allah God Buddah Allen.


  1. this post made me laugh so much, im so excited for you guys! YAY! good work on the no beers, it must be pretty hard. "little dude" sounds like the best name to me. what about "tiny tpc".

  2. Like I always say, if he's a boy, the name is easy -- Rory Matthew Allen.


  3. Contrary to popular belief, baby's are cool. Here are my name picks:

    Clementine Colzoz Allen

    Otto Waff Allen

    Awesome Allen

    Drew Carey Allen or Dru Carey Allen

  4. Anonymous4:43 PM

    How about HeySoos

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  6. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Babies are stupid!