Apr 2, 2008

I'm not Dead

Just so you know I'm not dead. I have been a bad blogger though.

I have things to tell you about, I just haven't had time to share them. I still have not updated photos from our Friend Feast in December, or when Waff, Rippy and Mike Deuhs all jumped into Lake Minnetonka on January 1st, or when we did a few things,or when Jeff and I went on a FREE trip to Cancun (details coming later) or when we found out we are going to have a boy baby, or when we packed up our house and put it on the market, or how life is being knocked up. And soon I will have to tell you about the last for a long time, TPC throwdown at First Ave coming up on April 19th which will include some sort of amazing friend soaked after-party. So I have lots to say I just haven't had time to do it. Except a huge update sometime in the near future.

This is all.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear that things are going well Alison. Sadly, I won't be able to make the TPC release party, but I hope you guys have a great time!