Apr 9, 2006

Biggest Blog Ever

BBQ parties begin, I think we're jumping the gun a little bit but man it was good.


Jeff says, "Life is like a box of beers, you never know what you're gonna get."


Nippleclips mans the Q.


Hot dogs, Cheddarwurst and Turkey Burgers.


Colezos w/ brew.


Jeff makes a return trip to the liquor store to get some Sparks Plus, he buys 3 and drinks them all plus one other sparks.


First shot-gunning of the season, many more to come my friends, many more.


Pee parties.



Julie and Finger Tap leave too early.


Domestic Abuse


Beers were had.



Blog Signs.


A Parties not a party without Gin Shots.




Nicole falls out of a tree, the next day she claims she broke her tail bone.


Nicole falls out of a tree, the next day she claims she broke her tail bone.


Colieone spots Jeff, she makes a good sherpa.


Spring break '06. Mad titties.




Next morning we rehabilitate at the Bandbox. Fifties joins us.


You've heard of wine lips, check out the first recorded case of sparks lips.


Gretchen brings us lots of life juice (aka water.)



Later that day it becomes apparent that the turkey burger from the night before may not have been fully cooked. Jeff remains sick for 24 hours.


Saturday night is game night at Beak and Cam's. Cam makes veggie trays and beak makes nachos. We eat a shit ton.


I prefer broccoli and dip.


Beak spends countless hours slaving over his cheese dip, and it's worth it. Totes awesome broseph!


50's loves food, so it's natural for him to take lots of photos of different food.


We play a word game called apples to apples. Some people love this game, others hate it. I hate it because I never win.


Radical - could be compared to the challenger explosion.


50's and McTubbins go head to head.



The Grand Finale.


McTubbins and Jaws stop in at the greenmill for bloody mary's. A good start to the day.


Work is boring and I make this awesome sculpture similar to stonehenge.


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