Apr 6, 2006

Roshambo, NCAA, & Tool Time

Sunday night, we totally got into some shit.


Location: Nomad World Pub. First things first, I was introduced to a new game called dollar dollar dollar. I don't know if I'd say it was worth it, but it was pretty sweet, lucky for me McTubbins was in the giving mood and gave me many dollars to play with.


It was raining out, and it was cold and windy.


So begins the main event of the evening, a tournament in which paper, rocks, scissors (aka Roshambo) is the sport of choice.

What are the odds, Jeff vs. McTubbins are first to compete in the first round of elimination.


Jeff wins and McTubbins is automatically elminated. Loser.


Here's me halfway to reaching unhingedness.


These assholes are definetly getting into it.


This guy, Bo, had some crazy awesome shirt on.


Jawsdog wins! She makes it to the almost last round just to be beaten by paul. (wait, that's not paul)


Totally getting crazy.


WTF? A burlesque show intermission. No one told me about that.


Mad tits with tastles.


Get Naked, yes.


Butts and boobs.


Next night we watch the NCAA Final tournament and getting into some reality TV. Deal or No Deal is a Deal in my book. Also my favorite snack ever is chips cheese and jalapenos.


There it is, the tv with the basketball game on it.


Matt borrows my internet machine to check out some hot porn.


Jeff contemplates how awesome basketball is.


These photos are from yesterday, I tottally got the spring cleaning buzz going, so I though I would try my hand at some handy work, first I hung a light over the table. Success.


2nd I install a dimmer switch, I had to steal a face plate from the bathroom cause the one that was on here didn't fit anymore with the new dimmer switch installed, therefore it's a little crooked. Someday I will try and fix it.


Now I need to replace the bathroom switch cover.


Then I try and replace a perfectly good light fixture over the mirror in the bathroom, I got it from ikea, first the thing doesn't fit over the old hole which sucks, and as I was figuring out a solution I accidentally dropped the fixture and it broke. FUCK. So then I try and just put the old one back up, but as I go to reach for one custom screw that is essential in mounting the old fixture the screw falls down the drain in the bathroom sink. FUCKING SHIT FUCK.


$100 bucks later I have a new fixture that fits over the old hole and looks good, as well as 2 fixtures that don't work and are broken. I realize that I am not that handy.

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