Sep 20, 2006

Brokeback Nose

Porch Parties come to an end with the impending fall cool-down. Saddles vs. Boots, Boots win.


Colezos enjoys the cold and the beers, she stays behind as we venture on to see Building Better Bombs @ the 7th street entry


This is just a photo of Pete Biasi on bass, just cause I like him and I think he looks good on the bass.


When Isaac plays guitar his eyes sink into his head and he becomes a zombie on guitar, his nickname should be stratocreepster.


Rageful guitar ragisms.


A Nice Photo of McTubbins


A Bad photo of McTubbins. Seriously though, after the show everyone at the show heads over to my brothers house for a major rager.


50's plays hide and seek with danielle.


Mike with his old buddies from being 5, Andrew and John


Red shirt, White shirt, Red Shirt


Red and White shirt.

Here's the story - On the way home from the party we decide to get white castle. We're waiting in line and some people five cars ahead of us are having a dance party outside their car (which I'm all for). Unfortunately they are holding up the line and people start to honk, therefore, dude from the dance party comes over to our car and proceeds to punch Jeff in the face a few times. Very brave. We end the night at the hospital, Jeff has a broken nose, no shit.


Next day, weddings, my cousin has a Kennedy style wedding, very east coast.


What bride and groom doesn't need a staircase to stand from while everyone in the audience looks on.




Wedding kisses.


Jeff sports his broken nose.


The tables were labeled by letters, I gather the letters and we all take photos. This is Mike.


This is Neil.


Rageful dance parties. At one point the wedding band played a totally square version of "Hey Ya" by Outkast, and the entire place freaked out and screamed like Outkast themselves had just entered the room.


The Deuhs Family Christmas card, 06'


My mom


I don't even think I know my dad right now. We end the night at Brit's pub, it's the first time I've ever closed a bar down with my folks.


A perfect way to end the night, drunken conversations about 9/11 conspiracies.

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