Sep 14, 2006

Homecomings, Brocomings

Resume game. We are still driving from Seattle to Fargo, leaving the corpses of thousands of bugs in our wake.


Well wow, here it is. The Life of Montana. Who would've thought it would be a non-descript office building from the 70s?


They still have tagging out here, despite the rural steez.


We enter forest fire territory, and with the western united states engulfed in flames this day, the sky is a sooty orange as the sun sets.


Smoky skyscapes.


Nightfall, we are still driving. But thankfully, a huge full orange moon guides us safely through the coyote prairies.


Rest-stop wheat.


We stop and get a hotel in Miles City, drink gins, watch cable. The last hotel stop of the tour. We leave bright and early the next morning cause we still got a long way to go to Fargo.




North Dakota: as flat as Nicole Richie.



North Dakota's one shot at conceptual public art.


Our magnet map is finally complete. Nice job, Alison.




In Fargo, we get to the show early and head over to King Hunan's for our last meal together of the tour. They have an all you can eat buffet, including full ice cream bar. It is truly fantastic to be home in the midwest.


Faux-bamboo wallpaper, slightly textured to give the impression of authenticity. Beak decides to decorate his studio in this style, very classy.


Deuce cities represent.


We run into a bunch of awesome friends at this show. On the left is BTF (Big Time Fuller) and Blestos up from the Deuce Cities, and on the right is our old friend Jaret who drove down with his lady Ashley from Winnipeg. Manitoba, represent. The bar is full of people who are also there for "Centerfold Night."


The show is upstairs and is the first all ages Fargo show at this venue, ever. The kids respond well.


Jaret, Ashley, Scoops and Waff get stoked.


After the show (did we mention it was like 2 in the morning?) we go back to Blestos' parents house in suburban Fargo. They are in their pajamas, drinking white wine. Truly nice people.


Dear god. They have a hot tub. Things get crazy.


Brews, bubbles, butts.


The next day we get back to home sweet home, Minneaps. So what do we do after being on the road for two weeks? Head straight to the bar to drink beers, watch music, and smoke cigarettes. Very rational. Colezones welcomes us home.


The show is at the Triple Rock and we are ridiculously stoked to see our hometown friends. Tubs, JV Squad, Danielle, Lukekyle, Tallbikes. We salute you.


Homecoming shows can be fun.


Backstage, underage, adolescent, how ya doin? Fine, she replied, I sighed, I like to do the wild thing.

50's shows off his sweaty back.


The next morning is rainy. But its so good to be home. We head to the Bandbox for breakfast. So serious.


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