Sep 29, 2006

Go Twins! Yeah.

Friday night, and the mood is right. We meet up with crew over at Julie's house. She's recently attempted to paint her living room, but instead ended up stripping layers of wallpaper off the wall, it looks pretty awesome.


We roll with Nicole, Tubs, Fingertap, Ripplechip, JV, and colez.


Next stop, Brenda's party. Here Nicole gropes her first man boob. She likely.


I don't think we look alike. Example Given. Brother and Sister duo save the keg party by fixing broken tap.


The deuhster gets in on the boob action.


Julie puts on her happy drunk face. John puts on his bronchitis face and Jeff lays low.


This is all we've seen of mctubbins lately as he has been aggressively drawing in his studio for his upcoming art happening.


Next Morning, another cousin, another wedding. We arrive early for pictures.


My Gma and Gpa pose for photos with my cousin Sara and her new Husband Jake.


Another Brother and Sister duo.


As soon as we arrive I recognize my grandma's blazer hanging on the coat rack, it makes me laugh, I take a photo.


Post wedding church chilling. My dad and my uncle take it easy.


Bible verses and warm free beers.


Every wedding needs a few crazy kids that run around like bats out of hell, this is one of them.


First wedding dance.


After the wedding Jeff and I head over to Nicole's for games and drinks. Here Matt and Nicole compete in a best out of three tournament of Bust a move.


Jeff decides to keep his church clothes on all night.


Nicole breaks out dominos, a game I haven't played since I was 10. Good going Nicole.


Mid Dominos break for raging air drums and guitar solos. At the drive-in makes grown men weep.


Game over. This is the final board. Me and Ripplechip Tie. Nicole loses for the first time ever. She can barely handle it.


Fast forward - Wednesday night Jeff, Matt, Danielle and I head over to the metrodome for a twins game. These guys are amped for dollar dome dogs and peanuts.


Twins win, actually they loose, but I'd like to say they won.


Jeff and I sport our new twins shirts! I've been waiting all season for this!


Post game posing.

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