Oct 5, 2006

Here's to a quarter century

We had some massive nights. The biggest weekend of the fall, with the most crazy shit going on starts on Friday night with McTubbins art opening in Uptown. He's put together dozens of fucking crazy and beautiful pieces for his show and the results are nothing short of dope.


Crazy bastard.


Here Isaac (aka Iceberg) is enjoying some crazy chasm beasts.


After McTubbins show we head over to a warehouse-gallery show in Northeast celebrating the new studio of Burlesque design. Some bands and rappers are playing. Here Jeff and Pittsburgh Dave engage in some brokeback appreciation.


Beak enjoying the copious posters on display.


P.O.S. plays to a packed basement gallery space, with Paper Tiger trying to look useful in the background. Nice try, dude.


Eventually, the set turns into some 80's hardcore punk type situation with P.O.S. standing in the midst of a sea of dancing punks as he raps.


The next night is the real rager. It's Jeff's 25th birthday and we get not one, but TWO, kegs for the occasion. Here they are before the nights festivities begin -- just waiting to be raged upon by experienced keg-standers.


The night starts at the Triple Rock, where our good good friends from Detroit are playing. They're called Thunderbirds Are Now and they consistently rule as a band and as dudes. Here, Scott pulls a table from backstage in front of his keyboard and rages on it as he plays the keys.


They bring up some of us to sing on the last song. Tambourines actually give you bruises on your hands if you play them too hard. Jeff and Beak learned this the hard way on this night.


Also playing at the Triple Rock this night is Will Whitmore, our good old friend from Lee County Iowa. He's on tour with Lucero and is here holding down the bar with us. Here, Jeff is already being fed birthday beers.


After the show, everyone heads to our place. Julie has made animal-themed birthday cupcakes. The frog had marshmellows for eyes. A real "Animal Collective" huh? HA!


Coles is there, repping shit hard in front of the donation jar.


Howard from Thunderbirds and Matt compare cheek structures. Winner undecided as of press time.


Blestos, Tapp, and Doogs all look awesome. Later, people remark that this night marked the return of "the old Tapp" which I think basically means loud, drunk and hilarious.


Tubs and Jocelyn show up. Hugs not drugs? No. Hugs AND drugs.






Matt Duff brings 50's back his suitcase that he left in Pittsburgh while in tour in November of 2005. The jeans have mold on them, but the red bath towel is still as stylish and functional as ever.


Ryan from Thunderbirds puts on his best "bad-ass with a digital camera" pose.


Jeff and Julie, who now insists that we call her "Jules." You heard it here first. This is now her nickname.


Isaac is dared to eat a cupcake in one bite in exchange for one free record of his choice from our vinyl shelf. He obliges and actually succeeds! Jeff drunkenly forgets to offer him a record before he leaves and Isaac is too nice to bring it up. In sum, Isaac totally got punked.


A trend emerges. The animal collective is destroyed.


Jeff puts on his new personalized Twins shirt that I bought him for his birthday. The fact that his name and age are written on the back is both ironic AND sincere, which is an example of the newly-discovered post-post-modernity (aka po-po-mo).


Mike Deuhs shows up to support Jeff on his birthday.


Nami is a party cat. If she was big enough she would do a keg stand.


Matt Duff. A brilliant man.


50's, Jeff, and the newly-arrived Will begin freestyle rapping to 1990's rap songs. The lyrics revolve around these themes: 1) this ain't no earthday/it's jeff's birthday and 2) we really understand black culture, our appreciation of rap music confirms this.


Did I mention it was Isaac and Meghan's one-year wedding anniversary this night? The lovebirds in action.


Neil is in town for a few months from Boston. He puts on his best rage face here.




Late, late, late, late night crew ends the night on the floor. This is after the cops asked us to turn down the music.


The sun is coming up, but the beers are still going down for Jules.


Me, at my finest.


A retired soldier. Honorably discharged from the party militia.


The next morning we head to breakfast at the Triple Rock to send the Thunderbirds dudes off safely to the rest of their tour. Jeff lets everyone know just how fabulous they are and just how slightly-still-drunk he might be.


50's orders a Bloody Mary with style, grace and panache.


Scott, Rickles, Neil and Mama K.


Outside the Triple Rock Beak wishes Jeff a happy birthday again. Best friends since they were twelve.


The whole crew before we say goodbye.


After they hit the road, Jules, me, Jeff and Angela from Detroit head down to the river in St. Paul for more keg beer (stealthily placed in empty water bottles), lip gloss, and sunglasses.


A great looking crew.


That night, we head over to First Avenue for the Minnesota Music Awards. TPC are up for some awards and are always up for more drinking.


They win! Two awards, even. Like assholes, they thank the Minnesota Twins for their success. All in all, one of the longest and most frenzied weekends in a long time.


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    i live in brooklyn but am incredibly jealous of the twin-city lifestyle. you guys rule so bad.

  2. Colezoz11:19 PM

    Tell Colezoz that 1.)she's HOT and 2.) her face is fucked up again!

  3. I'm from Brooklyn too! Holy shit. We're probably neighbors.


    I'm jealous too! Holy shit.

    I wish I was Jeff.

  4. I wasn't even high in half those pictures.

  5. I don't get it. Why is Colione making cryptic comments about herself?

    I heard brooklyn was the old philly - BTW.

  6. matt duff is not brilliant. you meant to say brillantly handsome.