Oct 11, 2006

Holy Shit, It's Snowing.

Okay, so I've heard requests for the "hat tossing in the river" incident that was conspiciously missing from the last blog. It was quietly removed due to it's sensitive nature. Now that the cat is out of the bag, and all parties are aware of the incident, I've decided to bring it back.
To set the scene...we're sitting down by the river peacefully drinking beers when for no fathomable reason, other than the fact that Jules has a rageful hate of John Tapp's floppy golf tournament hat, she throws the hat into the cruel, cold waters of the Mississippi. This is not like Julie at all, and the next day she feels great regret when John asks about the whereabouts of the hat. It was truly a crazy thing that happened.


The hat sinks. Bye.


Tuesday morning, we go to the first of two postseason Twins games at the Metrodome. We are totally amped and can't wait to see the Twinkies go to the World Series. Unfortunately the Twins lose this first game, despite the patriotic pregame festivities. We are sad.


The next day. A new day, a new game. I take Colez to the game since Jeff is working. We get really excited cause it's a close game, until the A's win. We can't believe it. We go home like heartbroken little puppies.


The metrodome is sold out both days. Look at all those homer hankies.


Fast forward to Saturday night. Everyone's favorite architect Finger Tap turns 26! The celebration goes down at the local VFW #246, which is noteworthy because it is the only bar in Minneapolis that successful comingles middle-aged grizzled war veterans with twentysomething assholes like us who are subconciously digging the irony of being in a VFW while simultaneously genuinely and sincerely enjoying the cheap drinks and chill atmosphere. Yet another example of the newly discovered post-post-modernism (aka po-po-mo).


Karoke ensues. Jeff visits 10th Avenue Freeze Out. Go Boss!


Sing along bitchez, sing along.


One of the craziest Brian faces ever recorded. I like it. Doogie is a sassy gay hair stylist.


Look at these stylish assholes.


Brian sings a song for John. Totally heartfelt.


This is the part of the night where Jeff has a lot of things to tell a lot of his friends. He starts by dropping some authentic knowledge on McTubbins.


Nicole is the next victim.


Jeff's done talking. There's only love and admiration here.


Julie sings a song with John's mom, Cindy, and Cindy's friend Sarah -- both visiting from Cannon Falls, MN for the celebration.


Monday night, a fall walk down by the river.


A picture is worth 1,000 gay words.


Later we go over to McTubbins new place (aka East Lake Strong aka E.L.S.) for a record-listening gathering. Brian soon joins. We rotate clockwise and we each choose one side of a record to play. We decided to start a record club, details forthcoming in future blogs.


Jeff and I bring over a bin of records spanning all eras and genres.


Scoops arrives.


I find my dream sunglasses and McTubbins lets me borrow them for an indefinite amount of time. Big Time Fuller cheerses the occasion.


I make a joke and decide that Tall Bikes' nickname when he wears this outfit is "Ketchup and Mustard." I like it.


This is what a record listening gathering looks like.


Jaws comes home and gives Lucy a hug.


I don't even know.


  1. colxox10:21 AM

    Tubbz=puppy head.

  2. Nicole looks good in this blog.

  3. Nicolione1:07 PM

    There was this guy outside the Metrodome on game day that was wearing a toupe, huge Jeffery Dahmer glasses and tall dress socks with gym shorts. It's his fault the Twins lost that day. Him and his ugly wife.

  4. Thanks for the evidentary hat photo. My opinion is that the whole thing was the right thing to do. And thanks for the sweet, sweet blog. Alison = many *hearts*