Oct 18, 2006

It's a Dre Day.

Wednesday night, and the feeling is right. Lost is on, and the second episode of the new season is only slight less sucky than the first. For a full analysis, and to view the Allen Fam's stint at being guest bloggers click here .


Nami sleeps sitting up. She is an old Chinese maid.


Fast forward to Friday night, the sun is setting upon one of our deuce cities and casting an eerie orange glow on the glass condos, law firms, and financial groups that make up downtown Mpls.


Me, Jeff, Coles, Ripplechip, and 50's go to Pancho Villa on Nicollet for some authentic Mexican foodstuffs. Any Mexican restaurant that doesn't give you free chips and salsa is just plain rude. Pancho Villa comes through in the clutch.


Crazy pink wallpaper patterns and old black and white photos of Mexican cowboys complete the experience.


After dinner we head over to 50's and Danielle's for some bonfire ragings.


The night is cold, really fucking cold. So everyone bundles up
in coats and scarves, cuddles close to the raging flames and warms their
gullet with delcious alcoholic drinks and tobacco smoke.


My brother Mike Deuhs shows up with his crew, Lucy and Jurg-dizzle. Ski goggles? Really? You're gonna wear ski goggles? Whatevs.


Gymnastics hour commences, a ritual at 50's backyard parties.


The only way you can tell these twins apart is by the polka-dot underwear of the asshole on the left.


Jules and Tapp arrive and Jules immediately dives into acrobatics with passion and confidence. Tapp looks on and prepares for a nasty fall.


Sometimes you need a friend to help get you up in the air. Truly heartwarming.


More teamwork.


Inside for late-night Pictionary. The inside of the house is not much warmer than the outside. Fuck autumn in Minnesota.


Tapp's drawing for "scraggly." Apparently, a drawing of Jesus was his best idea.


Sporting my new sunglasses, still perfect in every way.


The night goes late and we end up all sleeping over at Coles. Here we are waking up in her bed, while her pet chihuahua tries to lick Jeff's face off and Royal (the boxer) looks on confused.


What fixes a hangover better than bloody mary's? Well, some rest and water probably, but they're not as delicious or fun.


  1. Nicoleon Dynamite2:53 PM

    I think this was a perfect weekend. Don't get down on MN autumn, it just brings friends closer together.......in bed.

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM

    jules is totally hot.

  3. holy shit! i just realized you have comments on this and someone said i was hot!! whoot. my day is made.

  4. oh wait. that was probably colz or scoopsies. yourz hots sweetiezzzzz.

  5. uh oh, Nicolio9:29 AM

    Jules-it wasn't me. I do think you are hot. But it wasn't me.

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