Oct 23, 2006

Wiggin' Out

Friday night. Northeast Minneapolis. Tony Jaros' on Lowry and Marshall. Greenies. Vodka, Tom Collins mix, Sour, Jello mix. Delicious and potent. Our low key chill night will end up not resembling a low key and chill night at all.


Coles shows us what its like to wear what you're drinking.


Tony Jaros' is known for the Greenie and not much else. They recognize this though and plan their shit accordingly.


Back at Coles place after the Greenies we listen to Hole's "Live Through This," naturally. Apparently, everyone in Olympia, Washington looks, talks, and fucks the same. We also discover Nicole's hidden adoration of Gangsta Rap from 94'.


Coles shows us this sweet-ass new temporary tat she got from the vending machine at Taco Bell in North Minneapolis. "Smile Now, Cry Later." Truly words to live by. Notice how badass the clown on the left is and how tortured and devasted the one on the right is. Apparently, this is supposed to make us treasure the good times? Perplexing.


Sleepover ragings. Everyone goes to bed but me and Coles and we stay up late, re-listening to the Hole album and hanging out with this mirror.


The next night, after the TPC/Shoe Shiners show at the Triple Rock, a shit ton of peeps wind up at 50's and Danielle's house for more backyard firepit shenanigans. Shit got real.


Jesus, this is fucking scary. Danielle pulls out a bearded mannequin head and uses it to severely frighten all of us with its near-lifelike qualities and stoic visage. Here, Beardhead is totally partying down with some pizza and a Twins hat.


Now Beardhead gets down to some hip-hop jams and busts some serious moves. God, this is weird to look at.


Danielle also pulls out her wig collection, with hilarious results. Jules is a confused and flustered aunt from coastal Florida, I'm a jewish mother from Jersey, Nicole is a fretting Lutheran mother from Bemidji.


Danielle is a coke-addled debutante from Soho.


I swear I didn't steal from the church collection plate.


Peter Vader, father of the genius Shoe Shiners, is in full effect, reppin' the wig and rockin' the thumbs up.


Wow. Just wow.




Iceberg in full effect, beard and all. The night goes late, the fire burns hot, the beers run wild, our hearts are pure.


The next night, we find out that our good friend Brian (aka Blestos) is one of 5 people to win the Jerome Grant for emerging artists for his amazing photography. This isn't a picture of him. But it is a picture of us at the Loring Pasta Bar in Dinkytown, having a short notice fancy-friends dinner to celebrate Brian's awesomeness. Just imagine Felicity, Ben and the rest of the UNY crew hanging out in NYC and you can imagine us.


Fancy friends, red wines, tablecloths.


We are mature and fancy. Check out these video clips of us being so mature and fancy. This one That one


Continued maturity and fanciness.


The big winner, soaking up the adoration, adulation, and libations. Nice work, Blestos. Next stop: THE WORLD. Brian's new nick name: B.T.S. that's short for "Big Time Shit"


  1. The Mayor of Nicolapolis10:10 AM

    When is our next greenie night? I'm thinking not for a while! That one did me in!!!!!!!!!

  2. jules of the nile10:57 AM

    loring pasta bar was a good time. we should do that again soon. somebody win something.

  3. nicozone2:02 PM

    To: Friends
    Re: This One That One



  4. Anonymous12:51 AM

    you're so cute and funny with your nicknames i can't stand it