Oct 30, 2006

Let's do this.

Okay guys, I'm filling in the gaps. I had some camera issues last week and had to borrow cameras, now it's time for catchup. These are photos from our lost party two weeks ago. Yeah, Fuck Off, nice sassy coffee cup Onion.


So Desmond borrows a tie-dyed shirt to cover up his nakedness, good call Hurley.


This lost party comes with haircuts included.


Dogs love boogers, seriously. It's like they think they are owed them, and they'll do whatever it takes to get them.


Abi shows up, Hi Friend, it's been awhile. BTW does anyone ever tell you that you look like Jaws, cause you do.


Hey Assholes, the twins lost, seasons over. Get over it.


First foggy glasses of the season.


Serious Smoking Sessions. Seriously.


These guys know something funny.


Riding Drunk home inspires "fast car at night" pictures.


Okay, this is one is the last left-over photos. The night of the shoeshiners cd release party my blogging machine (camera) was out of batts, so I had to use Nicole's cell phone. She just bluetoothed these bitchez over to me tonight, and I can finally ad the pics to deucecities.


Now we're catching up. Tuesday night, we head over to First Ave to see The Hold Steady play a rock show. We're all placing bets as to see whether or not THS will play an hour long encore of their first record front to back. The good news is this doesn't happen and we all lose the bet.


So many people. This sucks balls when your only 5'4".


50's take charge and gets us up to the front, I don't have to worry about looking at the back of the guy in front of me. Good going friends.


Signature Finn moves, I like it. There's not as much "hand-clapping" as I was anticipating, but I've got a new move though called "punch dancing" and I brought it. BTW look close and you can see ripplechip filming in the background.


Franz is seriously fucking crazy, he plays the harmonica like he knows what he's doing.


You're serious with that thing? Seriously?


Thursday night, tubs gives us a glimpse of his Halloween costume. I'll give you a hint it's he's not gonna be Luigi.


We head over to The Future show at the Hexagon. I finally make it out to the show, after months of empty promises. Good going guys.


Friday morning, I head with TPC down to Chicago for the start of their tour. The van passes over the 200,000 mile mark. Pretty sweet. Congratulations Silver Fox.


50's and Jordan coordinate their cigarettes with their lighters, very fashion conscious guys. Way to be.


What do I do? Where do I call? I'll take two of those please, It's on.


Weird fucked up sculptures at the venue. Too weird for words.


Oh yeah, I totally forget that it's Halloween, people are celebrating almost 5 days before the actual holiday. Totally awesome and crazy. Nice costumes sluts.


Pensive moments for TPC.


So serious.


Smoking competitions, the loser buys shots. Whoever can let their ash burn the whole way down to the filter first wins. Jordan loses, Matt wins, second round, I lose, Matt wins. All is fair in love and war.


It's a tight race.


Our party table.


Jeff takes his first in focus photo, way to go buddy.. thanks for contributing.


TPC brings it.


Saturday morning, we go out to breakfast at the Gold Nugget in Downtown Chicago. It's Halloween so all the servers are dressed up in crazy costumes, of course. We have some intense times with coffee creamers.




Matt shows us this trick where he stabs himself in the eye (but really it's the creamer) and it gives the effect of his eye exploding. Believability results are undetermined at this time.


Oh no you didn't.


TPC drops me off at the mega bus stop and I start the long journey home. Bye Chicago, you're like a giant MPLS.


Wisconsin can be pretty sometimes.


Julie picks me up from the bus stop and takes me over to a party. Ripplechip is testing out this mustache and seems to like it. He says he's gonna grow one for real, we'll see.


Doogie is unbelievably stoned out of his mind. He can't even keep up. I take this photo to prove to him that his eyes look like shit. Rumor has it he leaves to play video games at his house and is found sitting up in a chair drooling all over himself. You did it tonight buddy.


Tequila shots with worms and all, super gross shit.


The boys head out to more parties and us girls head back to Jules place for a vag party of our own. Nicole gets it.


Jocelyn is down.


I don't deny I went to art school.


The vag party family portrait.


We play "circle of death" which as I recall is called "categories" but tevs, we all end up getting wasted. I fall asleep on the couch while a raging dance party goes on all around me. Way to do it guys.


Sunday night! Bob Dylan bitches, 2nd row tickets, me and my dad.


We're pretty close huh? It's totes awesome. I hate big concerts but this one was really sweet, thanks bob. I'll tell the crew that you said, "Hi"


There's a first time for everything, tonight was the first night I got awesome with my dad. Love you lots Daddy-O.

Next stop NYC, stay tuned for crazy east coast adventures.


  1. nicoleslaw9:40 AM

    Man oh man. I think this is one of the funnest weekends I have had in long time. Good job ladies. Good job!

  2. I liked the comment about the sluts. If I would have been drinking milk, it would have shat from my nostrils.

  3. on behalf of the plastic constellations, i would like to completely endorse and validate this epic blogging. we cannot wait to see you in nyc. bring your A game.

  4. i agree with coleslaw, this vag party was seriously awesome and much-needed. we must do them ATLEAST twice a month!