Nov 7, 2006

This might have been a vision quest

Let me set the scene: It's Wednesday, Nicole and I have taken a few days off of work to head to NYC to rage for CMJ. We leave early in the morning and make it to the city in no time flat. We begin to realize that flying is the close relative of teleportation. It's not as fast but has the same effect.


TPC being the gentlemen they are pick us up at the airport. We take the queens Highway and head towards Manhattan. On the way we pass this graveyard which always blows my mind. So many dead people in one place. Gravestones turn into skyscrapers on the horizon.


First stop, the bar. Would we have it any other way? Answer, NO! Jordan sniffs out a bar with two-for-one PBR's starting at $2 bucks a beer, really we're drinking beers for a dollar a piece in a bar, HOLY SHIT. Within minutes the bartender is forcing purple tasting shots down our throats, we're happy to be hanging out in NYC. True Friends.


Syd Butler of the Butler Family shows up. He flashes a crazy smile and we know it's on.


Beak makes a sad phone face. He wants and needs his friends attention, he's not getting it. Waff is in full business mode and we won't see him without a phone attached to his ear for most of the weekend.


We document our being in new york by taking a photo. We're getting drunk, example given.


Next bar on our list, the Hi-Fi. Our bros in the Hold Steady have just finished a grueling tour of the whole country one day earlier but decide to come out drinking for some reason, which is sweet.


Nicole is into the two-for-one High Life's. It's happy hour all over this city and the crew is taking full advantage of it.


The Hi-Fi makes the mistake (or genius move?) of selling us beer cans without opening them., leaving them vulnerable to aggressive shotgunning. I take advantage.


The evidence.


Obviously, drunkeness is starting to set in. I try and take a photo of theses assholes but it's just not working.


Nicole flashes the devil sign, really. I'm a little amazed. Everyone's down for more chilling and more beers.


We leave the Hi-Fi and head way the hell across the city, seriously it was like a 45 minute walk. We go to a venue to see Swearing at Motorists. There's no room for our crew on the list but Joseph figures out a sweet way to sneak us all in. We head in and enjoy the first show of CMJ.


Swearing at Motorists sings the "Cup of Gin" song for TPC. Jordan is mesmerized.


45 minutes back to where we were, we have another beer at the Hi-Fi and get some pizza. Polls show that the pizza was unsatisfying.


Syd tells us about a secret David Cross show in the East Village. Another long walk. We midwesterners are not used to having to use our bodies for more than 5 minutes at a time. David Cross is hilarious, for the 15 minutes we see him.


We pick up the van and head to Brooklyn to see Thunderbirds are Now. Here, Syd shows us photos of his new baby Lyla. He then goes into a rant about how his "love made flesh" and blows our mind. This is a little too intense for me, but I appreciate his wisdom.


We meet up with other MPLS friends Meghan and Isaac, as seen here. I think these girls have eyes for my Waff. Leave him alone ladies, he's all mine.


Danielle is visiting too, 50's discovers vodka. Yeah that's right, Vodka.


Hey Look it's Jared Leto, ahh, total bummer, I mean it's Steve Hanhel. He's bringing CMJ passes for TPC.


Thunderbirds are a little sleepy! I think. They are saving all their energy for the four shows they are doing in three days.


This was a fun night. After the show, the bar passes out free Sparks and I quickly proceed to spill some on my camera. But hey, what can you do? My blogging machine is my party machine.


Okay, we finally make it to day two, we wake up in total awe of all the shit we did in 12 hours the night before. We couldn't even remember all the shit we got into. The most interesting part of this photo is the woman's hair at the counter in the background. Pretty awesome, right? I guess you had to be there.


Either they left the Christmas decorations from last year, or they are on top of their shit this year. We'll never know.


Dog prints in cement. I like it.


Nicole buys a Dizzy Cizzy from a street vendor and is given a straw with it, she takes full advantage of the straw. Noice job buddy.


Jordan makes a weird smirk, I think he should make this face more often. Jeff makes the same old tough guy taking a photo face and it still kind of works for him, but Jordan's face, that's really something.


We end up in Manhattan at the Paul Frank Showroom. Sometimes bands get free stuff, today TPC and TAN! get free jacket, shirts and beers. You guys are all going to look so good when you leave this place!


These guys look Nice in their new gear.


Me and Nicole get the same jacket, only different colors. We look pretty good.


Aaron's eyes turn into buttons, totally fucked up.


Nice job, Doomtree Street Team. You got a sticker on a meter pole in the East Village. This should really raise your profile. We flash the Beak signs in response.


We walk about 1000 blocks back and forth before we find this Indian restaurant to eat at. The deciding factor is that the food is cheap and the place is covered in red hot chili pepper lights and mirrors. The food is okay, but it does the job. We've now got a good base for raging


Another 1000 blocks from the Indian Restaurant is the Afro Punk show in Lower Manhattan. Building Better Bombs is playing as well as P.O.S. Stef is there and he shows us his new $30 Grills which include fangs. Very awesome dude.


Isaac is wearing his awesome Fleur-de-Lis sweatshirt. Jeff sports the tongue sticking out pose and 50's keeps it real 50's style. We can't drink here as drinks are $7 dollars a piece. Hasn't this place heard of a $2 PBR, I guess not.


Building Better Bombs was really fucking good. Isaac turns into a mad man as always.



After the show we head back to our friend Corey's place for left over beers and vodka drinks. A little weed toking happens too. Nicole and I fall asleep on a couch watching Almost Famous while having a conversation about how serious actors can be sometimes.


The Next morning, our stomachs lead us to the Lower East Side. We get some sandwidges and hang out in court yard with this dog who is definitely not allowed to eat our food. Sorry little guy.


After lunch we head to Iggy's next door for the good old $2 PBR. Ahhh.


I try to read the paper but a jagameister candle sitting on the table accidentally lights it on fire. We all think it's pretty funny at the time. Now that I'm writing about it, it really wasn't.


Howard meets us at the bar and shows us these weird tricks he can do with an inflated latex glove. Very impressive.


When I saw this sign, I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Seriously this shit is funny.


Jordan unfortunately tears his jeans right on the wiener slit. He is totally wearing christmas boxers out of season, and this is revealed to the world. Dude no Christmas undies until after thanksgiving.


These guys all look so good. We are ready!


The first of about 5 band dudes attempting to crowd surf. Fatal Flying Guiloteens are the most successful and the most not heavy.


Wow TPC, you look rageful. So angry. Jeff has anyone ever told you that that guitar is seriously the ugliest guitar ever made.


Nicole and I sneak out of the FKR showcase show for a little bit and stop over at this Mexican shop that is supposed to sell to-go margaritas. Last time I was in NYC I was able to get some of these delicious treats in a coke cup with a straw. Not this year. We have to drink them inside. We are a little disappointed but we soon get drunk and forget about all of that.


Now it's time for Thunderbirds. Angela loves these guys. Yes duns.


Ryan Allen has made the biggest rock party foul and has totally forgot to zip his pants. Sorry dude that sucks for you.


Scott Allen demonstrates how sweaty he can make a Paul Frank shirt.


I wish I knew who party phil is. He sounds like my kind of guy.


Only we can make History! Everyone jumps on stage to sing along.


We head back over to Brooklyn, stop to get frozen pizzas and more beers. Corey takes us up to his loft via a massively frightening exposed freight elevator. How scary, but what a good idea when you're wasted. Sunglasses at night always cool.


While the pizzas are cooking we head up to the roof to chilax. It only takes about 5 minutes to realize that it is fucking cold outside.


Okay yes, fast forward to the next day, Boston MA. TPC is playing with TAN! at TT the Bears. We meet up with Jeff's brother and he takes us over to a party that is well under way at 6:00pm EST. How come no one has ever told me about Edward 40's Hands? What a great idea. We're all game, but we're pussies and decide to have 12oz PBR's taped to our hands instead.


So many beers taped to hands, I can't get over the genius of this idea.


Nicole takes over blogging as I get taped up.


The crew including Ben Wang.


TPC, way to go.


Boston kids love TPC, namely Jeff's brother Erik and all his MIT friends. Pogo dancing is happening all over the place in zany off beat rhythms. So insane I can't even comprehend.


Thunderbirds are Forever!


This hand is a document of all the shit that I did in a 48 hour time period. Nicole we did it. Rage it up my friend.


Jeff and his brother Erik. Do they look like brothers? I'm undecided.


The ride home is not like a teleportation machine, more like a very fast car.


  1. Nicola2:55 PM

    These things are all true.

  2. people in detroit love this blog

  3. way to rage in NY... this blog looks good to me.

  4. buh duh da da da... lovin' it.

  5. Anonymous12:58 PM

    sorry so late. tpc ruled at pianos. and i managed to catch both them and the hold steady in one night. sometimes cmj rules.
    much love from bklyn.